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“Jenson has been a breath of fresh air in how they approach servicing their customers. They are always timely, responsive, knowledgeable, flexible, and collaborative on our preventative maintenance.”

Alex Pockrus

Company : Alta Club
Designation : General Manager
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"Jenson has always done a great job for me and my properties.  They know how to do it and will get the job done."

Danny Davis

Company : Boyer Hill Military Housing
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"A few weeks ago, I reached out to Jenson Refrigeration to see if they could help us resolve an on-going issue with a gelato store walk-in-cooler.  This cooler must maintain a critical temperature set-point in order to avoid loss of product inventory.  The refrigeration contractor who constructed the walk-in had never been able to get the cooler to maintain consistency in temperature, despite 5 months of trying.  Within one day of accessing the situation and 2 more days of on-site work to resolve issues, Jenson had the cooler working correctly.  I only wish I had called them sooner.  I would highly recommend them."

Boyd Martin

Company : Boyd Martin Construction
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“I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the design, craftsmanship, and install of a new refrigeration system in my grocery store. Ken and his team of awesome technicians manufactured a masterpiece for my store. We are now saving around $20k a month in bills and energy savings with the new stuff. I can't say enough good about Jenson Refrigeration.”

Mike Holm

Company : The Market at Park City
Designation : Owner
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"I've been using Jenson Lighting Maintenance for about 12 years now. I have always received outstanding service from Jenson. Their technicians are very competent. They show up on time and complete the work promptly. Jenson Lighting is the only company I trust to work on lighting issues at my facility."

Will Gordon

Company : Valley Fair Mall
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d. “Jenson lighting has been a great resource to our firm. As a commercial real estate company, we need a proactive partner that has the needs of us and our customers in mind. Jenson fits the bill. Our property is always well lit, professional looking, and energy efficient.”

Buddy Zarbock

Company : Commercial Funding Partners
Designation : Vice President
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“I have been using Jenson for repairs, maintenance, and electrical work for the last 4 years. Days, nights, and weekends, my needs are always met with diligence.”

Jon Kelly

Company : Vino Volo Ale House
Designation : General Manager
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“We had an emergency situation at a major retailer in the middle of the night in Utah. Store was open 24 hours at that time, and ALL POWER went down at the store. We reached out to Jenson Lighting, and a LIVE PERSON picked up the phone and they were on site within 30 - 45 minutes to locate the cause of the issue and get the store up and running that night. Our customer was extremely happy with the service. There were several issues with the electrical system that were discovered and were addressed, all during a holiday week. Kudos to Jenson. You guys did an awesome job!”

Chris Fichlie

Company : Divisions Maintenance Group
Designation : National Account Executive
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“Jenson Refrigeration has been great to work with. Their staff is friendly, professional and punctual which is an unusual combination in this day and age! I recommend Jenson to all of my business associates!”

Randy Thornton

Company : Dive Addicts
Designation : Property Manager and Owner of Dive Addicts
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“After our lighting maintenance company retired it took years to find someone able to maintain our lights at Albion. When I was told about Jenson Lighting Maintenance, they were here and we ran through our companies needs and how we are used to getting things done. They lit up the company again and are here every quarter making sure we are up and running. We have never had any issues with them. I have and will continue to suggest their service.”

Amber Kosmas

Company : Albion Financial Group
Designation : Property Manager
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For over twenty years, Jenson Refrigeration has focused its efforts on assisting customers to maintain success. From supermarkets to convenience stores and restaurants, our customers rely on the integrity of their refrigeration equipment to obtain this success.


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